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The Round Baler

The first website dedicated to round balers, and those that run them.

When it comes to your round baler, you want to make the most out of your machine, your hay, and your time. I have comprised a list of my top five favorite accessories to make the most out of your machines.

If your going to be baling at night or in the dark, the best money you can spend is on LED work lights like these. There's nothing worse or more dangerous then trying to bale hay when you can't see. I like the LED lights facing both the front and back as well as the sides of your tractor to ensure you don't miss anything. You can find this particular set of lights as well as many others here.

When your baling there are many areas of your baler you can't see, which could mean something could go wrong without you being able to see it. I like to have a camera on the back of the baler to see the bales after I open the gate as well as a camera watching the belts, to make sure they're tracking properly. I've also known guys who've placed cameras watching the drive chains and belts, to ensure they're working properly. You can find this camera here.

We all know how important greasing is on your baler. This is a huge time saver when your ready to gout to bale, and need to grease your machine. There are many different brands out there, I personally prefer the DEWALT because of it's reliability and also, I already have DEWALT tools, so I have extra batteries for it, and the 20v batteries are very light weight and long lasting. I carry it right in the tractor with me, and it is ready to go. You can find this grease gun here. Also, I recommend adding a locking end on your grease gun, they are extremely handy, and anybody I talk to, who has one. loves it.

Another tool you need to maintain your baler properly is an oil can, and I think that the better the oil can, the better it is for your baler. This is my favorite oil can, it comes with tho different connectors, a straight one, and a flexible one. The flexible one is extremely handy reaching those spots that are hard to get too, like on your pickup head. I highly recommend this oil can, t will save you time, oil and wear and tear on your chains/sprockets. You can find it here.

I use this temperature gun often when I'm baling to check bearings. Most baler fires are caused by failed bearings. After you've been baling a while and while the baler is still hot, use this gun to check each bearing and compare there temperatures, if one is way higher than the others then chances are it's failing. If you are looking for a good infrared thermometer gun, I recommend this one, I have it and carry it in the tractor at all times, t also comes in handy for other implements as well. You can find it here.