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The Round Baler

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Baler Blog

Baler Blog

Small Scale Farmer: Mini Round Balers

Posted on August 2, 2018 at 6:35 PM

In recent years mni round balers, also called roto-balers, have invaded the U.S. Originating in Asia these small balers produce bales ranging from 2'x2' in size to 4'x4' and 40lbs to 800lbs in weight. They can be bought with either twine or net wrap, wrapping mechanisms, like their bigger cousins. They are fixed chambers with rollers forming the bale. The smaller ones make bales approximatley the same size as the average small square baler, somewhat resembling the bales from the old Allis-Chalmers Roto-Balers.

The balers connect to the tractor either by the three point hitch or just the drawbar. Three point hitch models can be difficult for smaller tractors to lift and can cause trouble on corners. The balers can be run with as little as 15HP at the PTO (depending on the model). They are built simply and are fairly easy to use for beginning farmers. There are now also self-propelled models that you walk behind, 'that may be best suited for farmers with only a couple acres.

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Due to their smaller size and shorter pickup head, usually around 30" on the smaller models, you must make a fairly small windrow, so when shopping for a mower or rake you will want to stick with models on the short side. 

Mini round bales are superior to square bales for shedding water and can be stored outside for a period of time without molding like squarebales. Mini round balers are a good choice for hobby farms that can't justify the cost or upkeep of a larger baler for their small operation and can't get custom operators there when they need them.

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