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Baler Blog

Baler Blog

John Deere Releases New 0 Series Round Balers

Posted on September 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM

John Deere has introduced a new lineup of round balers, the 0 series, replacing the 9 series balers. The new balers consist of eight models using the same letter desginations as their tractors to determine quality. The 440E and 450E are economy balers. The 450M, 460M, 550M, and 560M are the mid-range balers, capable of both dry hay and silage. The 460R and 560R are the premium models of balers. John Deere is also releasing the first 5 foot wide baler with a precutter in the industry. 

John Deere is also releasing two models of bale accumulators fo their new series of balers. These accumulators are cabable of carring two blaes, along with the one in the chamber so three bales in total can be left in a group to speed up bale transport. These new accumulators, the  A520R and A420R, can also bi fitted to 7,8, and 9 series John Deere balers. These accumulators are a first of their kind in the industry and it is expected other anufacters will watch how the consumers respond before hopping on the band wagon. 
These new balers and accumulators will be available for the 2018 haying season.





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