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The Round Baler

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Baler Blog

Baler Blog

New Holland Unveils New Old-School Baler Line

Posted on September 10, 2017 at 7:20 PM

New Holland Agriculture has released a new fixed chamber baler consisting of a chain and slat bale chamber. When New Holland  started making round balers they used a similar design, but exited the fixed-chamber market in the early nineties. These new balers are aimed at small farmers and weekend hay producers. They are built with economy in mind, with a starting price in the mid-twenties. They are designed to be used with low horsepower tractors, with as low as 40HP at the PTO.

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 They are simple balers, and are easy to work on.They are built to handle balage bales and can bale hay with a moisture content of up to 80%. There are currently three models in the lineup, the 4’x4’ RF440, 4’x5’ RF450 and the RF450 SuperFeed™ baler, which features a wider pickup, an undershot rotor feeder and seven bale chamber rolls. The RF series balers are also expected to be popular among the Amish communiies, as they like simple machines and many seem to have a loyalty to the New Holland brand, due partially to geographics. New Holland continues to build for small farmers, going against the trend to ignore the little guys, and build larger and more expensive machines. 




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