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The Round Baler

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Baler Blog

Baler Blog

Vermeer Continues to Innovate

Posted on September 30, 2017 at 6:35 PM


     Vermeer has initroduced the worlds first self propelled round baler, the ZR5. The ZR5 fearures zero-turn technoledgy, similar to a zero-turn lawn mower. The  ZR5 is designed to make a 5' by 6' bale although other sizes are epected to be released in the futute. This is just a prototype and Vermeer is epected to imrove upon the design even more. 

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    With it's zero-turn capabilities the ZR5 has the ability to jump to another windrow quickly, without needing to make wide turns or skipping windrows, saving much time especially in small and irregaular sized fields.The zero-raius turning can be turned off to steer withh just the front wheels like a normal vehicle making transport easier. Vermeer also has a new patent-pending suspension system that is supposed to make baling hay smoother than ever.

    When the bale is finished the ZR5 can automatically turn perpendicular to the windrow, positioning the bale parallel to the windrow, saving as much as 35% of your time to pick up the bales. The operator has to push only one button to stop, wrap,dump,and resume baling. 

    The baler will mostly likely be puchased by large scale and custom balers, who currently rely on many operators to get their hay baled. A lack of labor in agriculture continues to lead innovation in the industry. 


    Vermeer plans to have the ZR5 available for customer testing in 2018 and be available for purchase in 2019.

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